Pro Research Executives

We offer Direct Search and Selection of the right candidates for your business.

We believe the right people are everything and we spare no effort in finding them, wherever they are.

We search, identify, interview and select top candidates for your management positions. Each search starts as a blank page. Rather than look through our database, we track down achievers from all over the globe ensuring you get just the right person for the job.

Our methodology is based on a structured understanding of the necessary competencies, including our former business experience, proven track record, honed skills and personal qualities to assess and predict a candidate’s performance against the requirements of a leadership role.

Independent research has proven that our approach is twice as likely to accurately predict a candidate’s future performance when compared to unstructured interviewing.

Typical positions:

• Top and Middle Management positions
• Sales and Marketing positions
• Controller and Financial positions

Pro Research Direct Search & Selection Process